Aerial Photography

While most business owners know that professional photography sits at the core of any successful marketing campaign, it can sometimes be difficult to capture the real magic of what you do from ground-level alone.

Today, aerial imaging is available and affordable using drones operated by our specialist photographers – meaning even small businesses and start-ups can tap into this unique and exciting technology.

There are countless benefits to using drone photography; for those operating in tourism, hospitality and outdoor events, the advantages are clear. You can showcase your venue or location from a perspective few customers would ever get to see, allowing you to instantly outshine your competitors.

For websites in particular, it can completely transform the online experience. Having aerial photography or video as a key feature on your home page not only captivates your audiences and keeps them on your site for longer, but video footage helps to boost your SEO position because search engines recognise it as rich, high quality content.

Elevate your business with us  - Giant’s specialist drone photographer is fully insured and CAA approved to use drones for aerial photography and video projects nationwide, and can provide expert advice on the best ways to showcase your assets from the air.

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