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Why your brand needs professional photography


The pictures you use on your website and in your marketing collateral play a huge role in attracting customers to your brand so it's essential you don't cut corners.

When it comes to visuals we look for the wow factor, and photos are usually the first thing that capture our interest – so it’s important to get them right. Having high-quality, professional photography sets your visual tone of voice, brings personality to your products and services, creates desire amongst your target customers and reinforces your credibility as a business.

Often, the cost of professional photography can make it tempting for business owners to take photos themselves, but short-term cost savings will be much more expensive in the long-run, because you could be losing out on direct sales and new business enquiries.

More crucially, ‘doing it yourself’ shows customers that you’re keen to cut corners – and from a customer’s perspective – if you cut corners with your photography, how does that reflect on your products or services? Will they be of a lesser quality too?

Alternatively, some companies may choose generic stock images, but these often look bland and sterile, and will never be able to truly capture your products or differentiate you from competitors – not to mention the fact that many other companies throughout the world will likely be using exactly the same images.

A professional photographer will do much more than just ‘point and shoot’. When you commission professional photography, you have much more flexibility and control in capturing the right image – one that truly reflects your brand ethos, your personality, and the quality of your products.

They’ll advise you on the best way to capture your product or service, set up the right lighting and bring you heaps of creative ideas; their knowledge and experience add personality to your marketing material and bring your brand to life.

But investing in high quality photography isn’t just about aesthetics; it can also have a significant impact on sales. In fact, statistics show that quality of pictures on your website can increase your conversions by 161%.

In an online environment where there’s tremendous competition, the images you use can make all the difference on whether someone buys from you - or from your competitor.

Imagine you’re looking to buy a new sofa, and you’re browsing through a few different websites. One has a clear, colourful, well-lit and professional image showing a sofa set up in a well-decorated room; the other has poorly-lit, low-resolution and uninspiring picture of the sofa without any decoration. Would you be put off?

If it’s time to improve your brand image with new photography, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you need some lively shots of your staff, striking aerial photography of your location or engaging product pictures, let’s talk!

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